What do we believe?

Williams Labour Law and Mediation (W-LLM) believes in transforming the workplace and society through excellence and professionalism.

About Williams Labour Law and Mediation (W-LLM):

We specialize in the areas of Labour Law and Conflict Mediation.

Our Services include Advisory, Intervention as well as Education and Training.

W-LLM is a SAQA Accredited ‘Education and Training Provider’ with the Services-Sector Education and Training Authority (S-SETA) – SETQAA Decision number 0413/02/11/05.

W-LLM is verified as a LEVEL 1 (ONE) B-BBEE rated company: “100% black owned, Level One, 135% B-BBEE procurement recognition”

Why we do what we do?

Williams Labour Law and Mediation (W-LLM) is no ordinary business. W-LLM changes the lives of its clients through meaningful resource-sharing and contributing high quality delivery of value in the key areas of labour law and conflict mediation needs.

For the past 19 years, W-LLM has established itself as the authority and specialists in the field of Labour Law and Conflict Mediation.

W-LLM has built a proven track record of ethical high-quality integrity-based service delivery to our clients, who includes the public sector, private sector employers, trade unions, NGO’s, international organisations.

The Founder, Prof. Brian Williams was a trade union leader for 20 years, then became the first Western Cape head of the Department of Labour post 1994 and for the past 19 years, the CEO of W-LLM.

W-LLM was not founded for the sole purpose of pursuing economic gains. It was founded on a vision of fairness, respect for rights and entrepreneurialism. W-LLM achieves its vision through high level advice, strategic intervention and world class education training programmes in labour law and conflict mediation.

Through the vision of W-LLM; the CEO, staff and partners at W-LLM have been coming to ‘work’ for the past 19 years because they are allowed the freedom to apply their skills in a way that is socially rewarding and economically sensible.

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