W-LLM is a SAQA Accredited ‘Education and Training’ Service Provider, with the Services Sector Education Training Authority (S-SETA) – SETQAA Decision number 0413/02/11/05. 


We offer the following Education and Training Packages: 

 1. Accredited Training Courses in the field of Labour Law

– Employment Equity
– Labour Legislation
– Conflict Resolution
– Diversity Management
– Codes of Good Conduct
– Conducting a Disciplinary Hearing

2. Specialised Unit Standard Aligned Courses

– Combating Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
– Advanced Employment Equity Forum
– Advanced Executive Management – Labour Relations
– Advanced Trade Union Leadership – Labour Relations
– How to Chair a Disciplinary Hearing
– Investigating and Initiating Disciplinary Hearings
– Skills Development Strategies
– Organisational Development
– Grievances within the workplace
– Conflict Management

3. High-Impact Research-driven Short-courses

– Introduction to effective Cross-Examination skills
– Advanced course on the Art of Cross-Examination
– How to conduct an arbitration
– Advanced Shopsteward Training
– Incapacity Cases: Ill-health and Poor Performance
– Unilateral Changes to the Terms and Conditions of Employment
– Collective Agreements and Collective Bargaining
– How to win Constructive Dismissal cases
– Organisational Rights
– Strategic Negotiations Skills
– Dismissals for Misconduct
– Strike and Lock-outs (2019 Amendments)

 4. Peace Ambassadors Training Course

– Full programme details will be provided in order to meet the clients desired needs and specifications.

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